Hoi An Salaisons
Hoi An Salaisons

Vietnamese products, educated in France

Its a long beautiful story

Hoi An Salaisons

Hoi An - The "Peaceful Meeting Place"

Our story starts with our beautiful ancient port city of Hoi An, in central Vietnam.

Hội An  translates as “peaceful meeting place”.

As far back as the VIIth century, Hoi An was already a strategic port for spice trade.

Throughout history, Hoi An has been controlled by various empires jockeying for control of this coveted port.  

Hoi An also rose to prominence as a powerful  trade conduit to Europe, China, India, and Japan, especially for the ceramic industry

Today, Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its history and beauty are well preserved.

Hoi An Salaisons

Our brigade

Hoi An Salaisons is composed of a Franco-Viet brigade, contributing various skill sets to our sourcing, production, and distribution.

Our individual origins span across Vietnam, France, and beyond.

Our combined inventory of skill sets expands as we continue to incorporate and blend ingredients and techniques into our product lines.

The result is an evolving product line of charcuterie products, but always anchored in quality and tradition.


Hoi An Salaisons

Salaisons - Salt house

Our salaisons (salting house for meats) is specialised in a range of charcuterie products.

Vietnam has numerous salt fields along its coast, yielding complex compositions of mineralised sea salt.

Hoi An Salaisons is fortunate to have an abundance of this sea salt right at our door step.

This magical ingredient is used in our dry curing, saumurage, and fermenting processes, providing unique characteristics & naturally prolonged shelf life to each creation.    

Hoi An Salaisons

Fumoir - Smoke house

No salaisons production is complete without a line of smoked products.

We are very proud of our “fumoir” (smoke house) and smoking processes.

Hot smoking and cold smoking processes are incorporated into many of our creations, using various blends of Vietnamese fruit woods, teas, spices, coconut, and sugarcane.

This results in a fine equilibrium of French & European delicacy, and the exotic robustness of Vietnam & Indochina.